Working with Precision CADD & Graphics: A Dynamic Professional Partnership

There are two basic types of CAD Firms: Dynamic CAD firms and transactional CAD firms. Dynamic CAD firms are capable of working on complex and abstract projects utilizing high-level problem solving skills developed from years of industry experience. These CAD firms thrive in teams, have strong interpersonal skills, understand industry jargon and are capable of resolving conflicts. Dynamic CAD firms lead innovation and provide real value to their partners.

Transactional CAD firms may possess drafting and modeling fundamentals, but not the experience or expertise to apply this knowledge to larger problems. These firms are typically responsible for basic and repetitive tasks. Value can be obtained when clear definition of requirements is provided and out of the box thinking is not required. Most offshore or locally “based” outsourcing CAD companies that promise low hourly rates and unlimited resources fit this transactional definition.

In an uncertain economy, AEC firms look closely at ways to remain competitive and maintain profitability. The CAD department is a prime target for reducing costs especially with all the offshore outsourcing labor savings claims. Unfortunately many companies that attempt to outsource drafting or modeling in anticipation of significant labor savings, wind up replacing dynamic drafting with transactional drafting. Resulting in more management and oversight, a higher volume of redlines and ultimately lower profitability.

At Precision CADD & Graphics we pride ourselves on providing dynamic and professional drafting, detailing and modeling services to our valued partners. We understand our business, our tools and most importantly your needs.

How can a Dynamic Professional Partner benefit your firm?


  • On Demand Resources
  • No idle employees
  • Utilize State-Of-The-Art Modeling
  • Focus on Design
  • Increase Margins
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Handle Larger Projects
  • Handle More Projects


  • Reduce Management Overhead
  • Reduce Training
  • Less Software to Upgrade
  • Less Computer Investment and Upgrading
  • Reduce Recruiting Expenses
  • Less Healthcare costs
  • Less Benefit costs

Precision CADD & Graphics is ideally suited to add value to even the most sophisticated and complex projects. Feel free to contact us with any questions; we can be reached at 720.528.7410 or via email at