Benefits of working with Precision CADD & Graphics

A Dynamic Design Partner - With years of architectural, engineering and construction experience, we understand the building design and construction process and as your dynamic partner we bring that knowledge to the table when modeling and generating construction documentation - unlike traditional transactional drafting services.

Scalable Services - Protection against overstaffing and understaffing of your CAD department. The workload peaks and valleys from project delays or acceleration can wreck havoc on a budget and staffing. Precision CADD & Graphics can accommodate your schedule and manage the workload without increasing your budget, staff or stress level. We are very familiar with the high workloads in the days preceding a deadline and are accustomed to meeting those deadlines without sacrificing quality. Over the course of many years of experience, we have developed techniques to maximize our interoffice collaborative efforts.

Construction Documentation in your CAD Standards - Because Precision CADD & Graphics works with numerous clients and their various CAD standards, we developed a unique approach to matching client standards. We utilize highly customized AutoCAD software to efficiently assemble drawings and create geometry, symbols and annotation according to client standards resulting in consistent, high quality construction documents that look like they were produced in-house. The most important part of our approach is that after the initial client setup, we do not rely on individual drafter knowledge to adhere to client standards.

Complement Your In-House Modeling and Drafting - As a professional partner we can complement existing staff to help reduce the work load peaks in the schedule. Ideally, the modeling and drafting staff should be set to accommodate the consistent work load and utilized Precision CADD & Graphics for projects that exceed in-house capacity. CAD managers should view Precision CADD & Graphics as a professional partner available to help them meet the company goals, keep them within their drafting budget and help them take-on more work without increasing staff.

Leverage the Revit Model to Offer More Services - As a company committed to building information modeling we are constantly pursuing ways to leverage the building model to add value to our clients by extracting more information from the model or reducing documentation time. We currently leverage the Revit model to produce shop drawings for structural steel, steel joist and girders, steel deck, engineered wood and tilt-up concrete panels. We also have resources to leverage the model for scheduling, estimating and clash detection.

Additional Benefits:

  • Pursue Larger Projects
  • Pursue More Projects
  • Focus on Your Core Competency
  • Increase Margins
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Reduce Management Overhead
  • Reduce Training and Recruiting Expenses
  • Reduce Hardware and Software
  • Reduce Benefit Costs