Buzzsaw Autodesk Buzzsaw Administration and Management Services

Simplify and centralize all project-related documents and information, enabling the successful execution of your projects based on timely decisions and accurate information.

  • Create a central repository for all project information
  • Provide secure, on-demand access to designs, documents, and information
  • Improve collaboration with a centralized location for design information
  • Notify project team members of changes and updates automatically
  • Automate the RFI processes
  • Improve communication among project team members
  • Decrease traditional paper-based printing and shipping business expenses

Precision CADD & Graphics can setup and manage a project specific Buzzsaw site configured to your project needs. We can act as a site administrator, providing initial installation and setup and establishing a protocol for team member access and permissions to ensure file security. Once the project is started Precision CADD & Graphics will provide support and training to the various team members as required.

Additionally, Precision CADD & Graphics can act as the site manager tracking and managing drawing access and distribution, and assist with tracking of RFIs, transmittals, meeting minutes and change orders. We can provide a custom Buzzsaw solution scaled to meet your project needs.